Simple solutions can smooth the transition to working from home

Working from home due to Covid-19 has thrown up challenges for businesses as there was no time to fully prepare for all staff working remotely.

Melbourne May 5th 2020 – Technology solutions company ACP Solutions helped take the headache away for a leading Australian law firm.

Russell Kennedy Lawyers, with 280 staff in Melbourne and Sydney, had considered streamlining some of its manual procedures but was forced to deal with them when Australia locked down for the coronavirus pandemic. The firm called on ACP Solutions to solve the problems of automating draft bills and client receipts.

ACP Solutions offers information and technology solutions, tailoring them for individual businesses. The solution for Russell Kennedy Lawyers allowed more staff to work remotely – making it safer for everyone.

Kathy Agius, Finance Manager at Russell Kennedy said: “Working from home is not easy when people are still relying on paper”. “The Covid- 19 restrictions have accelerated the need for us to automate more of our processes, especially those that rely heavily on paper” she said. Two key finance processes relied on staff physically travelling to the office to use printers to scan and print documents.

ACP Solutions worked with Russell Kennedy Lawyers to design solutions to allow the documents to be produced in a PDF format and emailed directly to the user, allowing processing to be done offsite. Ms Agius said ACP Solutions were familiar with the law firm’s business processes, so the solution was written, tested and implemented within a week. “We have all had to be more agile in lockdown. These processes will benefit everyone and even when things get back to normal, they will be part of our fixed processes going forward”.

Penny Gibbins, Director of ACP Solutions said: “A core component of our business is looking at challenges businesses have and offering solutions; we streamline processes and take away the need to do things manually”. “The manual process at Russell Kennedy Lawyers meant people had to travel into work but automating the process means staff need to spend less time in the office.”

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ACP Solutions is a small company offering information and technology solutions – and tailoring them for businesses. The Melbourne-based firm specialises in iManage installation, support and productivity tools, document automation and Microsoft Office templates.

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