CPA Australia upgrade boosts flexibility and efficiency

An upgrade to CPA Australia’s document management software has delivered immediate benefits – boosting flexibility and efficiency at the peak accounting body

Melbourne – March 2020 – The iManage upgrade gives CPA Australia staff access to business documents when they use personal phones and devices, meaning they can access work documents from virtually anywhere.

ACP Solutions has provided technology solutions, including the iManage document management system, to CPA Australia since 2006.

Prior to investing in the latest version of iManage Work 10, CPA Australia staff could only access business documents from a work device.

The latest upgrade means users will not have to rely on their work device to access business documents and can use their personal phones or tablets, giving flexibility for the business and staff alike.

The iManage Work 10 system also increases data security. Users at CPA Australia can now set up instant walls based on individuals’ need to know information, better managing access and authorisation.

Preety Agarwal, Head of Applications at CPA Australia said: “Users will have more flexibility about where and when they can access their documents. It also means they are not tied to a work device.”

Ms Agarwal said: “Using ACP Solutions gave us the expertise, track record and peace of mind we needed to successfully implement this solution”.

Jonathan Kok, Systems Administrator Platforms at CPA Australia said: “The performance of the iManage application is awesome. The time to retrieve and save documents is a lot quicker.”

Chris Criddle, Technical Manager at ACP Solutions said: “The results speak for themselves: the business and staff will benefit. We continue to work closely with CPA Australia to deliver world-class document management and consulting services.”

CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with more than 160,000 members working in 150 countries and over 500 employees.

ACP Solutions is a small company offering information and technology solutions – and tailoring them for businesses. The Melbourne-based firm specialises in iManage installation, support and productivity tools, document automation, Microsoft Office templates and Microsoft Word printing solutions.

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