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 iManage is the leading provider of work product management for law firms, corporate legal departments and other professional services firms such as accounting and financial services.

With a professional ecosystem for every project, iManage work product management helps you to organise and track the complete lifecycle of a professional engagement. From before it is opened, until content is disposed of in concert with policy.

Start with iManage Work for document and email management. Select and add advanced functionality including secure file collaboration, records management, archiving, knowledge management and more with iManage Share, iManage Insight and iManage Govern.

Access it all on-premises, in the iManage Cloud or both.

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iManage Work

View relevant work product in context. Rapidly create and revise documents. Collaborate with your team and stakeholders. Ensure your files are securely accessible from anywhere, on any device.

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iManage Cloud

The iManage Cloud is a private hybrid cloud delivering all iManage work product management as an on demand, subscription service.

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iManage Share

Securely exchange work product with your clients, partner firms, and outside consultants within tools that you are familiar with, without compromising on security.

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