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DocAuto began to make a name for itself by providing unparalleled software solutions that met the immediate needs within the iManage Work community. DocAuto is now an internationally utilised solutions and services provider whose focus includes enterprise content management and email management for iManage Work. DocAuto prides itself on rigidly working with iManage Work’s three tier architecture and following enterprise content management best practices.

There is a clear commitment to creating innovative solutions for iManage Work that improve clients’ unique work environments, foster growth and meet the future needs of customers. These solutions include WorkSpace Manager, WorkSpace Manager Desktop and Refiling Module for matter-centric management, ePredict, Folder Manager Module and Exchange Importer Module for email management, Helm, IDOLytics, DocAuto Server for system monitoring and management, Watchdog Module, iMPrivate, WorkSite Exporter, WorkSite Organiser for ShareFile, iImport, iImport Desktop, DocID and DocID Enterprise for document control.

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DocAuto Workspace Manager

The gold standard for matter-centric management within iManage Work.

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DocAuto WorkSite Exporter

Fast and easy exporting of iManage Work documents, their security, history and metadata.

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DocAuto Helm

Detect, alert, anticipate and prevent iManage Work system issues.

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