Something that came across my desk this morning that is interesting and to some degree something that we all need to watch out for.  It is not specific to iManage.


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Microsoft has finally admitted what was obvious to everyone else, that the DDE part of Office is dangerous and should be disabled.
The latest patches have finally provided a way to disable the DDE feature in Office, either completely or in part.  Something that’s looooong overdue.
We all know that the older releases of iManage use DDE (pre Work 10) within the application to open, save and print documents.  This change will affect office 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.  This was delivered via the December 2017 security updates for Office.


The following information is an extract from a publication from the iManage forum posted on 12th January 2017.  Within this document there is information that is interesting to both existing iManage users and people that are considering engaging the iManage product as a solution.

Target release: January 25, 2017

New Features

• Web interface
• Working with documents
• Working with filed emails
• Searching for content
• Other features
• Manage security
• Microsoft Office and Adobe
• Email Management for Outlook
• Email Management for Gmail


Happy New Year

Now that we have said good bye to 2016 and welcomed in 2017 we would like to recap on a few items you may have missed during December.


We started the week thinking intelledox Infiniti is a great product for document generation with outward facing Web forms.  Now, having completed Infiniti Certification ACP has a deeper understanding that the product is so much more.  It is hard to imagine a firm or business that would not benefit from the integration options, workflow functions, flexibility on mobile devices and document generation capabilities.


ACP Solutions attended an interesting product launch last night for small to medium firms that require a process for managing and executing internal (and potentially external) procedures.

What we saw was impressive.  The company define their product as:  […]

We had an email from Mailguard yesterday that said the following:

I couldn’t be more delighted to share with you part of a speech from The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia

At an event held in Victoria last night, the Prime Minister announced some exciting news: that Microsoft has named MailGuard as a “critical” global Microsoft partner. We’re working closely with Microsoft to improve security for their Office 365 customers around the world. Whether or not you are an Office 365 customer, being a MailGuard customer ensures that you benefit from our world-class technology.


The Melbourne iManage roadshow started last night with a CIO Forum – where a select number of Legal CIO’s, IT Managers and Partners had the opportunity to chat with Neil Araujo and Rafiq Mohammadi about the challenges facing the legal fraternity today and in the future.  Neil and Rafiq also shared with us their findings and what they are doing behind the scenes to address these challenges.  This was most enlightening and provided a unique opportunity for the participants to voice their opinions.


ACP Solutions are assisting firms integrate their iManage Work Product Management System with DocuSign.
This productivity tool provides seamless integration between both products that has been missing for some time.  Not only does it send an iManage document out for signing by participants directly from the right click menu, but it also files the signed document back into the system on completion (and into the same location).
This ensures that the entire process is captured within the work product management system from the document development through to the final signing.
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