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New data breach notification laws are coming into place 22 February

From 22 February 2018 new data breach notification laws (the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme) will come into effect requiring businesses to notify the Australian Information Commissioner and all the affected parties if there is a data breach that is likely to result in harm. Please refer to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to see if these regulations apply to your organisation.

Data breaches include third party access such as hackers, unauthorised employees accessing or disclosing sensitive data, loss of unsecured storage devices such as laptops, backup technology and USB devices and accidental disclosure by staff. For more information about the new laws and how they may affect your organisation refer to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

How can ACP Solutions help secure your iManage environment?

Prevention is better than cure

The application of iManage Security Policy Manager manages need-to know access, content segregation and ethical walls at scale, required to meet today’s security challenges.

Key benefits:
• Implement need-to-know security enforcement at scale
• Improve productivity and increase scalability with delegation of access management
• Improve client security with client-centric design
• Respond to client audits with client-centricity and client dashboards

For more information either contact us directly or visit the iManage Security Policy Manager page.

Continuous monitoring and alerts

One of the many capabilities of iManage Threat Manager is the ability to identify behavioural trends and to notify your team in the event of a deviation from normal behaviour. This will enable your team to take timely action to investigate the anomaly. In the event that this is considered a data breach iManage Threat Manager also provides the ability to audit and report on the incident.

Key benefits:
• Detect sophisticated threats from internal or external actors
• Reduce the risk of data breaches
• Accelerate time to investigate fraudulent behaviour
• Reduce false positives, ensuring that precious resources are spent on the alerts that are most likely to be fraudulent

For more information either contact us directly or visit the iManage Threat Manager page.

Let ACP help you employ a holistic approach to securing your iManage data by combining iManage Security Policy Manager with iManage Threat Manager and encryption. Contact ACP Solutions for more details.

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