intelledox Infiniti – Documents, Forms, Workflows and more
We started the week thinking intelledox Infiniti is a great product for document generation with outward facing Web forms.  Now, having completed Infiniti Certification ACP has a deeper understanding that the product is so much more.  It is hard to imagine a firm or business that would not benefit from the integration options, workflow functions, flexibility on mobile devices and document generation capabilities.

Developing a intelledox Infinity Adaptive Interviews (SmartForm) does not require specialist IT knowledge.  The easy to use interface and common sense approach to the design solution makes Infinity an ideal product for use by precedent teams, HR groups and high end users to develop solutions.
One of the differentiators that is particularly interesting is the use of the Microsoft Office suite.  Forget HTML and style sheets, the person developing a new document automation solution creates the base document in the native application (eg. MS Word using Word styles, colours and formatting) maintaining firm branding.
The graphical user interface makes it easy for the user to setup Workflow processes from the simplest through to the more complex tasks.
There is an extensive collection of integration connectors for existing business systems which enables data to be extracted easily.  If you choose, data may also be written to systems using validated information from SmartForms.
SmartForms can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime to generate documents, run Workflows or gather information.
Please let us know if you would like a demonstration, it is definitely worth a look.

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