iManage Work Product Management CSAR Release

iManage released two new CSARS today for FileSite and DeskSite 9.3.1

 Below is a list of the items resolved by each CSAR.  If you are experiencing any of these items and would like the CSAR’s please contact us.

Resolved issues in CSAR 2411

NT-30482 WorkSite name fields are not populating when adding a WorkSite contact.
NT-33004 If a file name is more than 100 characters long when inserting an iManage Work attachment into a new email, the remaining characters are truncated.
NT-36881 When adding a folder address to WorkSite Contacts, it does not populate a Full Name, causing problems for iPhone/iPad users.
NT-50688 Cannot open ZIP files in DeskSite.
NT-52988 With DPI Support enabled, the Search Dialog might not fit on small screens.
NT-53590 Search Dialog is not retaining Custom2 criteria when there is more than one parameter.
NT-54550 Disabling the Type of access on UserGroup dialog does not work.
NT-54743,  NT-55242 Closing unedited, declared as record documents prompts as a New Version or New Document.
NT-55216 Edit Profile, New Version, and New Profile dialogs do not resize automatically on small monitors.
NT-55498 Microsoft Outlook crashes when changing email default settings to add Author or DocType.
NT-55660 After Active Directory password expires, Worksite Anywhere Network login does not prompt user to change password. If an Access Denied error occurs, users are now prompted to re-enter credentials, which would then be stored until the next password reset.
NT-56734 Crash referencing WESClient.exe occurs.
NT-56960 Screen resolution set to 1366 x 768 does not display Search and Options dialogs correctly.
NT-57859 Save Search cannot use %USERID% for Author/Operator.

Resolved issues in CSAR 2410

NT-36788 Cannot see contents of folders (shows previous folder contents) more than five levels deep (below workspace) after accessing Outlook Today.
NT-43953 At random, the contents of some folders fail to display when selected in FileSite.
NT-55426 When user is in a Read Only Role, they cannot access Public Folders from FileSite.
NT-57302 Incorrect subfolders are displaying under parent folder of My Matters shortcut. Correct subfolders display from the same folder in Matter Worklist.
NT-57923 All folders in FileSite display Item: 1 as the count.
NT-59486 Native Microsoft Outlook search bar does not work.
NT-60786 Drag and Drop of folders within FileSite no longer works.
NT-60833 OffSite does not display offline content – Error “Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location”.

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