Something that came across my desk this morning that is interesting and to some degree something that we all need to watch out for.  It is not specific to iManage.


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Microsoft has finally admitted what was obvious to everyone else, that the DDE part of Office is dangerous and should be disabled.
The latest patches have finally provided a way to disable the DDE feature in Office, either completely or in part.  Something that’s looooong overdue.
We all know that the older releases of iManage use DDE (pre Work 10) within the application to open, save and print documents.  This change will affect office 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.  This was delivered via the December 2017 security updates for Office.


iManage, yesterday, released CSAR 2479.  This CSAR is for iManage Work 10 and addresses the following issues

NT-62797 – Security vulnerability
NT-62739 – Security vulnerability
NT-58611 – Enabling users to add a public or private folder in iManage Work 10 professional experience
NT-52673 – Unable to link a delegate outlook folder to iManage
NT-61021 – Addressing error: CreateiManFolderRelationship
NT-61108 – Addressing stackwalk error
NT-59996 – SAML Authentication adjustments
NT-61378 – Work Server 10 New Professional loads Documents tab slowly in some circumstances
NT-61538 – Addressing Mobility 2 call issue under some circumstances.
NT-61892 – Blocked emails.

See release notes for complete details associated with this CSAR.

If you require the release notes please contact us.


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